this is actually my piece for our project in public speaking.. we were asked to have an extemporaneous speech or a prepared speech to be exact, we were given enough time to compose and memorize it, and we're also given the freedom to choose whatever topic we my topic is all about LIFE.


what is a journey? a journey is synonymous to expedition, trip ,adventure, or to an act of wandering. so is LIFE. the only difference is that life, is never ending. but why is it eternal? should it be like a destination where in we stop, right there, the moment we meet our own demise? for me, it's NOT. for I believe in afterlife. who among you believe in life after death? it's like what dumbledore, the headmaster of hogwarts in j.k rowling's epic novel; harry potter, said to harry, that "for a well organized mind, death is just another great adventure"

like a trip, life actually astounds us, we're often caught off guard right? the most common thing that startles us in life is disappointment, no one anticipates disappointment. the harsh reality in life is that we human beings always have high expectations. we expect to get high grades, being accepted in different auditions and eliminations right? but what will be coming out of us if what we expect is not the thing that actually happens? we became disappointed. it's like the series of events just popped up like a jack in a box! but one thing is for sure,  that you can't see the beauty of life if you hold on to your bitterness. miscarriages, and failures sometimes hold people down. they became captives of their own selves, memories, is one of those crippling forces that prevents us from seeing what life and future can actually offer. it's just like what Rick Warren, the author of Purpose Driven life said; "We are the products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it."

In the song work of art by demi lovato, it's stated there "that if you follow your heart, life is a work of art" you can do whatever you want with your life. it's yours anyway, your choice, your preferences, . you can do good, or sinister things, because whatever you do, affects other people, but remember this well, "the person who will  be most affected about what you do, is YOU. YOURSELF." 

our senior pastor once, asked us this :
do you consider yourself poverty stricken? how about rich? do you know that poverty or prosperity is actually a choice? satan's big lie is that "God allows His children to become poor, that some are fated to experience poverty, and some are destined to experience prosperity" but that is a BIG STUPID LIE.  you are still alive today, and you have that energy because God gave you that! he's giving you the chance to make a difference with your life, he's giving you the opportunity to be rich, so don't blame any one for your own misfortunes.



    i'm ada-chan!!! :) an otaku, i want to be a singer / song writer someday :) happy person :)


    May 2012